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If you would like to maximize your exposure to The Islands community, through our growing.. and independent website for The Islands community in Gilbert Arizona, consider these options for getting the greatest value for your advertising dollar!

 Full page Ad (can be linked to your website, similar to or ).

Web page setup- including photography (in The Islands) and editing $150.oo
Annual web page publishing of your web page within $250.oo/yr.


A perpetual (for the life of the website) a Full Page Ad, including in The Islands photography and web page preparation and publishing $1000.oo (one time)

*Web page changes (per event, at client's request) $50.oo
*Coupon setup (n/c for removal), to be included in your web page $35.oo


Banner Ad (industry standard 60 x 468 pixel ad )

    This may be linked to your website, and includes the banner preparation $150.oo/yr

Business Card Ad (your business card scanned place on in an appropriate location on

    This includes the scanning and placement of your business card $100.oo/yr.

To discuss your advertising placement, call Ray Janus at 480.282.4228, or email