Our Islands Solar Story

Ever consider adding solar to your Islands home?

For the last few years, with the current government subsidies being cancelled in the near future, and the new tariffs on imported solar cells, working with our CPA, a tax attorney, SRP and after evaluating over a dozen Arizona solar integrators, we have started a solar installation on our Catalina Bay home. The first step was to have our roof partially re-roofed, which can be covered in part by the federal government solar subsidy as a solar installation essential. This was completed as the first step.

The solar installation happened in The Islands a few weeks later, after the required permits, engineering reviews and installation design being completed. The solar installation crew arrived early the morning, to install the solar to SRP interface system. The high performance inverter, and Optimizer system was put in place, ready for SRP to install their secondary meter which will record our draw or input into their grid.
The Optimizer system is designed to manage our heat pumps, water heater, and clothes dryer, so that they run at the times for peak performance of the solar cells, rather than the SRP grid. This will also allow us to monitor our solar system's performance via an app on our phones and on our PCs.

A few days later, the solar installation team showed up shortly after sunrise, and completed the rooftop installation in under 6 hours. The final step was for SRP to inspect and bless this installation, letting us be sun powered, coming weeks. in a 15 minute test, the system generated about a 1/2 kw of power under load, enough to turn the SRP meter backward.
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